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Friday, January 14, 2011

Beitou District, Taipei. Taiwan

Just like most of Taipei, Peitou has changed dramatically since our time there.

The name spelling has changed to Beitou, but that is not much at all compared to the physical appearance of the place.

The continuing expansion of the Taipei mass rapid transit system (MRT) has made Beitou a tourist destination accessible easily by using the MRT.

All the old hotels are gone and in their stead are modern buildings meant to accommodate many people in luxury. Even bears enjoy Beitou hotels. This is no joke. Click HERE.

A more modern map of Taipei County shows the relationship of Beitou to the rest of the area.
This map shows some of the MRT lines. It seems to be constantly changing and expanding since its initial construction which began in the 1990s. Beitou is circled at the top.
This version of the MRT map is inserted here for those who understand Mandarin.
Shown is an MRT train making its way through Taipei. Some of this mammoth architectural and construction giant is underground.

Other parts of it are at street level, while many of the lines are elevated.

This video is from an American couple riding the MRT to Beitou and visiting the hot springs. Click HERE.

The inside of an MRT car is as clean as the stations. For a video, click HERE. 
Here is the MRT line as it winds its way through Beitou to the stop.
We told you the area has changed.
Into the station it stops. To get an idea of the MRT arriving and departing Beitou, click HERE.
The Beitou branch of the Taipei Public Library is located near the middle of town. It is west of the old hotel district. To see a beautiful video of it, click HERE.
Here is the first of three sequential pictures. From here it looks like a fine building on the side of a hill.

Below it is a hot spring and commentary on this video. Click HERE.
This is the very famous Beitou Hot Springs. For a video of it, click HERE.
Today, there is a centrally located fountain in Beitou. It is unique and might even be soothing. It is controlled by a computer program. The video can be seen by clicking HERE.


  1. John, it's my pleasure to be a follower of the blog. FYI, the name Beitou(Peitou) is from the aboriginal language, and its meaning is "witch".

  2. It's actually quite stunning how clean the MRT is compared to most other things in TW, isn't it??=)

    (I lived there for a total of almost 2 years)

  3. Elizabeth!

    Thank you for your comment.