This blog was created for USASTRATCOM Long Lines Battalion Army personnel who served in Taiwan during the 1965-72 time frame. Specifically, those who lived and worked in and around Taipei are the target. If you worked at the Grass Mountain or Gold Mountain facilities or anywhere in downtown Taipei, we would like to hear from you. All are welcome to visit and contribute to this blog. Your comments and pictures are encouraged.

Monday, July 30, 2012

One Man's Grass Mountain Photos

The first USASTRATCOM contributor to this blog was Gary Roske. He sent several pictures which ended up being the Gold Mountain posting. In it are the only Gold Mountain JOSS pictures that we have received so far.

To view the Gold Mountain post, click here.

After that, Gary sent 3 pictures of Grass Mountain as his outfit was going through some physical training. This would be somewhere from 1968-70.

Finally, Gary sent 3 present-day pictures of the Grass Mountain facility and a view from outside the complex to the front gate.

So, my thanks go to Gary and his family for participating in this blog. And they say you can't make good friends over the Internet. How wrong that is. All the pictures shown are courtesy of Gary Roske.

This building was the main structure for tape and card relay. It also contained Tech Control and Carrier Microwave, Teletype Repair, as well as offices for non-coms and officers.

As we look out the front gate area, the guys are running up toward the Gold Mountain complex.

This view shows some PT going on. Also, the chain link fence surrounding Grass Mountain can be easily seen as well as a pole for the lights which illuminated the place at night.

Taken in 2011, this picture shows the entire Grass Mountain facility as it appears today.

More barracks have been built at the rear of the area seen. Other than that, the place looks pretty much the same as it did in 1968.

This 2010 shot is the view of the front gate taken over the old basketball court.

It's fortunate for us that Gary and his wife visit Taiwan frequently. This was taken in early 2013. The front gate is shown from another angle.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Chinese Culture University, Yangmingshan Campus, Taipei, Taiwan

In 1968, we were well aware that a college was atop the hill on the west side of the main road which wound through the village in Yangmingshan.

It seemed like an unusual location for a college campus. It is roughly 1/2 mile (About 800 meters) up the hill just to the east edge of the school.

You wouldn't need a physical education class at this place. Just climb the hill!

Relatively speaking, it is a young university. Read about it by clicking HERE.  Its enrollment seems exaggerated, but there are satellite campuses.

An attempt has been made to give credit for the pictures, but some came from Wikipedia and a few others will simply be unnamed. I can always delete..

Taken across the main highway and up the hill, this photo shows the college in 1968. It had been open for about 6 years and was the Chinese Culture College.

Photo courtesy of Scott Ellinger

This 1974 satellite photo shows the college at the left of the picture. It's a fine photo of the entire village area, including our old neighborhood at the top of the frame.

Here is the same area today. Much of the old BOT Section "C" housing area has been leveled.

Many colleges have a grand entrance or two.  At the CCU, the main road to the top is Aifu 2nd Street. 

Photo by egreshko

After entering the road to the campus, the name changes to Huaguang Road after reaching the Catholic Church.

Photo by zivfang

Photo by dennis

Photo by Monad 1

This is just up the road from the Home for the Disabled.

Photo by egreshko

Photo by Susan Curry

This huge building is on the south edge of the campus. The road to Tien Mou is beside it. Notice all of the scooters.

Photo by jiun-yi Lin

Photo by egreshko

In 1969, this was the library. My wife had her picture taken on the landing at the top of the steps.

The library is at the forefront of this photo.

Photo by legolas 4862

Yes, but where's the Student Union?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Taiwan Booklet, 1966

En Route to Taiwan, Larry Barton, who has been a huge blog contributor, bought a booklet about Taiwan on the plane delivering him to the island. The pictures are beautiful and inclusive.

Fortunately, he kept it after all these decades and scanned the whole thing. luckily, for me, Larry did all of the hard work. 

Not only did he scan the entire 26 pages in jpeg format, but he sent them to me in 3 separate e-mails.

My only contribution was to "stretch" most of the pages, which resulted in the text being distorted and difficult to read at times.

Maybe that's not too bad a mistake after all. Now, you'll have to take your time reading in order to understand the captions and explanations.

Since the booklet is being posted in reverse order, this page will be the last of 3 posts.

It was copyrighted in 1966 by Mike Roberts Color Productions. Larry bought his copy in 1967.

Again, thanks to Larry and  his wife for sharing so much with us.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Taiwan Booklet, 1966, Posting #2

Here are the next 9 pictures that Larry Barton sent of his Taiwan picture booklet.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Taiwan Booklet, 1966, Posting #3

This will be the first posting you'll see of Larry Barton's Taiwan picture booklet.

 It will all make sense after the other 2 posts are published.

Meanwhile, enjoy the final 8 pages and stay tuned for the other two.