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Friday, July 13, 2012

Taiwan Booklet, 1966

En Route to Taiwan, Larry Barton, who has been a huge blog contributor, bought a booklet about Taiwan on the plane delivering him to the island. The pictures are beautiful and inclusive.

Fortunately, he kept it after all these decades and scanned the whole thing. luckily, for me, Larry did all of the hard work. 

Not only did he scan the entire 26 pages in jpeg format, but he sent them to me in 3 separate e-mails.

My only contribution was to "stretch" most of the pages, which resulted in the text being distorted and difficult to read at times.

Maybe that's not too bad a mistake after all. Now, you'll have to take your time reading in order to understand the captions and explanations.

Since the booklet is being posted in reverse order, this page will be the last of 3 posts.

It was copyrighted in 1966 by Mike Roberts Color Productions. Larry bought his copy in 1967.

Again, thanks to Larry and  his wife for sharing so much with us.

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