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Monday, July 23, 2012

Chinese Culture University, Yangmingshan Campus, Taipei, Taiwan

In 1968, we were well aware that a college was atop the hill on the west side of the main road which wound through the village in Yangmingshan.

It seemed like an unusual location for a college campus. It is roughly 1/2 mile (About 800 meters) up the hill just to the east edge of the school.

You wouldn't need a physical education class at this place. Just climb the hill!

Relatively speaking, it is a young university. Read about it by clicking HERE.  Its enrollment seems exaggerated, but there are satellite campuses.

An attempt has been made to give credit for the pictures, but some came from Wikipedia and a few others will simply be unnamed. I can always delete..

Taken across the main highway and up the hill, this photo shows the college in 1968. It had been open for about 6 years and was the Chinese Culture College.

Photo courtesy of Scott Ellinger

This 1974 satellite photo shows the college at the left of the picture. It's a fine photo of the entire village area, including our old neighborhood at the top of the frame.

Here is the same area today. Much of the old BOT Section "C" housing area has been leveled.

Many colleges have a grand entrance or two.  At the CCU, the main road to the top is Aifu 2nd Street. 

Photo by egreshko

After entering the road to the campus, the name changes to Huaguang Road after reaching the Catholic Church.

Photo by zivfang

Photo by dennis

Photo by Monad 1

This is just up the road from the Home for the Disabled.

Photo by egreshko

Photo by Susan Curry

This huge building is on the south edge of the campus. The road to Tien Mou is beside it. Notice all of the scooters.

Photo by jiun-yi Lin

Photo by egreshko

In 1969, this was the library. My wife had her picture taken on the landing at the top of the steps.

The library is at the forefront of this photo.

Photo by legolas 4862

Yes, but where's the Student Union?

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