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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Worst Movie We Ever Saw In Taiwan

Sitting in front of your TV today, you can easily switch over to another channel. This is particularly true if a movie you don't like pops up.

Sitting in a movie theater after paying to get in is another story. Some of us probably saw more movies during our time in the service than any other period of our lives.

Not only did we flock to the East West Theater in the East Compound, but we also went where the movies were. In the Taipei area, there must have been at least five theaters which showed each picture as it made its rounds.

The Army-Air Force Motion Picture Service showed movies not long after they hit the first-run privately owned theaters in the U.S. So, we saw many good, sometimes excellent films.

The Wild Racers starred Fabian (Forte) and Mimsy Farmer. It was made in 1968. It quickly hit the military theater circuit. The night we saw it, a normally large crowd was in attendance at the East West Theater.

Movies usually have a discernible plot and this one started with the dangerous and reckless stock car driver Fabian scaring his fellow racers because of the chances he took on the oval race tracks. Was it mentioned that he liked the babes?

Then, suddenly, he was in Europe, driving Formula One open-wheel cars, the most sophisticated in the world.

The acting was bad, the plot weak and the mantra Fabian repeated endlessly was "I'm Jo Jo Quillico, King of the hillico. And, I've got the MoJo."

After hearing this several times, entire families simply got up and began leaving the theater. This trickle turned into an exodus.

Finally, we couldn't stop laughing as we were about the only ones left in the theater. So, we finally got up and joined the exit-bound masses.

There were a couple of still pictures that were found, but this was the main poster.

How many lovely young women were attracted to Jo Jo?

That guy kneeling was probably telling Fabian not to touch any of the instruments.

Mimsy Farmer was a forgettable, but cute little blond. She had a few other minor roles in slasher and beach movies. She now lives in France with her second husband.

Maybe the film made money in Italy.

Oh, yes, there was a sound track for this movie. The Arrows recorded it. You can imagine the quality of the tunes.

He must have worked cheaply as this dog of a film was released upon an unsuspecting world in 1964.

In 1966, he was a co-star with the always beautiful Annette and Frankie Avalon in this clunker.

To see the movie trailer on this one, click HERE.

He starred as Pretty Boy Floyd in 1970.

There is an addendum to this. Fabian was born in 1943. His number finally came up during the Vietnam War at his local Selective Service draft board.

A doctor submitted a letter stating that induction into the military might cause him to develop homosexual tendencies. He was declared 4F--unfit for military service.

Married three times with three children, Fabian's doctor no doubt saved that young man from a life of agony and abuse.

Some guys joined the National Guard or Reserve Units to avoid going to Vietnam. Others fled to Canada or Mexico. But he had a doctor's letter saying that Fabian couldn't come out and play.

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