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Friday, October 21, 2011

Always Read The Fine Print

We never fully read our lease. I'm sure our landlord did. We just paid the rent on time, took good care of the place, and vacated on time.

The next renters happened to be a young Air Force couple. He didn't think that working at Shu Linkou Air Station was going to be a problem living so far away.

Apparently a bus collected airmen from the Yangmingshan area and made its way to Linkou.

One last thing---did you guys who were living in Tien Mou or downtown Taipei without the Army's knowledge or blessing still pay your monthly fees to the Grass Mountain barrracks' houseboy?

The Chinese copy we had was in among other files. It was used in a business law class for over 2 decades as a teaching tool.  Reading the details of a contract was the point.

Until this came back to the housing office in the West Compound, we stayed at the King's Hotel.

This was as far as we got when reading the lease.

And so on . . .

Ad Nauseum . . .

I would have signed 50 copies that day. Until our furniture arrived we slept on the floor and listened to the radio.

A cab ride up the mountain to our apartment using the meter was about $1.50 my memory says.

Until found in our scrapbook, the Chinese copy of the lease we thought was gone. Then it popped up among some files.

Any expired contracts are usually not kept around. Fortunately, this one was.

It would have helped if this had been attached.

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