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Friday, December 9, 2011

A Funeral In Kaohsiung

You never knew what unique experiences you were going to encounter during your tour of duty in Taiwan.

A former soldier, who has contributed to this blog before, sent some shots he took of a Kaohsiung funeral.

Apparently, the more well-off financially you were at death, the more fancy your funeral would be.

There are also other shots from around the Kaohsiung and Tsoying area.

All pictures were taken and presented for posting by M. Faulkner. 

The funeral procession as seen from a room at the First Hotel in Kaohsiung.

Wreaths stand outside a building. Whether they are to be transported or whether this is their destination isn't known.

This appears to be near the water.

Looking across a lake, you can see some pagodas.

This is some sort of youth athletic event.

Nothing beats a bicycle if you're a kid.

Construction going on here 

A Kaohsiung neighborhood after a storm

A cement factory

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  1. The 3rd and the 4th photos are Lianchi Lake(Lotus Lake).

    The cement factory was located at Banping Mountain. The cement industry was closed in 1997.