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Friday, November 23, 2012

Four Roses Bar, Taipei, Taiwan, 1958

We all had our private places of relaxation and fellowship. Before the Vietnam War, Taipei had a few bars and clubs that were not owned nor supervised by the US military.

When this picture popped up, on went my double-billed hat and the challenge of finding its old location began.

As usual, comments from the viewers of this photo were quite helpful.

Photo courtesy of Tom Jones

Someone had given Tom the address of the Four Roses Bar. It was 21 Chung Shan (Zhongshan) North Road, Section 3, Taipei. Note the barbed wire and lack of neon.

Photo courtesy of Tom Jones

Tom has this updated picture of the present-day location. Notice the trees. We're getting closer.

Next came an address check of the Florida Bakery. It is 23-25 Zhongshan North Road, Section 3, Taipei.

This was becoming too easy to find.

Today, the bakery is no longer on the corner of Zhongshan North and Nongan Street. A 7-Eleven is situated there.

This area is familiar (almost hallowed) ground for all of us who spent any time in downtown Taipei.

The Florida Bakery can be seen at the far left.

Next to it in 1968-71 (at least) were the OK and Suzie Wong Bars, standing side-by-side. Anyone on R and R during that time can relate.

So here is the Florida Bakery near the intersection of Nongan Street and Zhongshan North Road.

Today, all of the bars that once occupied much of the area south of the bakery have been replaced by a succession of bridal shops. Are you noticing the irony?

Here is the area once home to the Four Roses Bar.

Cherry Ho went to the effort of dodging traffic to line up the picture.

My attempts to contact Cherry Ho have not met with success. Regardless, grateful former military men say "Thank you, Cherry Ho!"

Kent Mathieu has taken many walking tours of Taipei and the surrounding area since 2010. On this one, at about 4:30 on the timer, he passes right by the old bar area. Also included is the Florida Bakery.

Just click HERE and begin the 10 minute journey, starting at the intersection of Zhongshan North and Minquan East/West looking at the old King's Hotel and 77 Club. Kent's videos can be found on YouTube under hawaiikent.

Sure, the bar is gone, but its namesake and taste still lingers.


  1. I certainly remember Four Roses Bar. I don't remember Cherry Ho, but I remember Candy Ho that hang out at the Charlie Brown Club in the early 70's when I would visit Taipei while I was stationed in Okinawa. I really enjoy the articles about the old days.

  2. Please notice the Baptist Theological Seminary(浸信會神學院) in the 1958 photo, whose address is No.15 Section 3 Zhongshan North Road. According to the signage in the photo, I suppose both No.15 and No.17 belonged to the theological seminary.

  3. Thanks John and Victor for your input. Both of you have excellent observations, no matter what the subject.

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