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Sunday, July 6, 2014

I Think That I Shall Never See Another Building With So Many Trees

Before beginning this blog in 2010, I sent Kent Mathieu some photos, some of which he published in his blog,

My photos of these two buildings eventually made it into this blog. They can be found in other Taipei military blogs and websites.

Over the years. Kent was kind enough to take several shots of these two buildings. Their longevity is in doubt.

Photo by Jack Hornbeck in the late 1960s.  Courtesy of Kent Mathieu.
This crisp picture of the Kings Hotel and the 77 Club building was taken on a sunny and clear day in Taipei.  

Photo courtesy of Kent Mathieu

In 2014, Kent took this picture of the same two buildings shown above.  The King's Hotel is now a bridal shop and the 77 Club building is a vacant.  

Photo courtesy of Kent Mathieu

Taken that same day, this photo shows the trees growing atop the 77 Club building.  Next to the building is a lane which led to the Monte Carlo Club. 

Photo courtesy of Kent Mathieu

Here you can really see the forest which has been sprouting for a long time.  This would indicate the future of the building as fairly short.  

Photo courtesy of Kent Mathieu

Taken from a different angle, not only do we see the two buildings shown above, but also the building which once housed the Pink Bar. 

Across the street stands the Shanghai Savings Bank which once was the Majestic Hotel.   

Photo courtesy of Kent Mathieu

Here is the entire SW corner and the view to the south.  That is not the old Central Hotel behind it.  It was demolished over a decade ago.  


  1. Great pictures! I'm trying to remember what was at that location before the Kings Hotel. I think the Kings Hotel opened in the late 60s or early 70s. Probably around the time the Vietnam R&R came to Taipei. Anyone remember?

  2. It must be the late 60s, since John mentioned he stayed at the King's hotel in 1969?
    BTW, John, did you get the 1973 image I sent you from the following website?

  3. Victor and John:
    I can't find anything concerning the history of that corner before 1966. Your 1973 address offered me no pertinent news.