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Friday, October 24, 2014

Goodbye, Bonnie Beauty Salon; Taipei, Taiwan

This picture below has been posted before, but now it means even more since the northeast corner of Chung Shan North Road and Min Chuan East Road is shown.  

We took this picture in 1969 because there was a motorcycle accident in front of the bank.  Also shown is the Northwest Orient office on the corner and Bonnie Beauty Salon at the far left.  

The buildings in this area stood for over 40 years after the Vietnam War.  

Crowds gathered quickly back then and accidents like this one were far too frequent.

This picture was taken before the accident photo above.  Bonnie's place is on the left. 

It was a full service salon with manicure, pedicure, wigs and all the usual salon services provided by the friendly staff of males and females. 

They treated their American customers particularly well.

Pacific Stars and Stripes Sept. 1, 1969
As you can see, Mrs. Bonnie S. Ko was a one-stop business for all hair or hairless issues.  

Photo courtesy of Marvin Faulkner

Taken in 1968-69, this shot shows the entire area leading to the beauty salon and the Northwest Orient office on the corner.

Throughout the years, as has been said, this corner may have changed businesses, but the buildings stayed the same.

In fact, Starbucks has moved into the former Northwest Orient building.  The big change was inevitable since the buildings were so old and Taipei was becoming so modern. 

Photo courtesy of Kent Mathieu  

Everything behind Starbucks has come down with taller and stronger buildings on the way.

Photo courtesy of Kent Mathieu  

Fortunately for this blog, my friend Kent Mathieu is a frequent visitor to Taipei. 

He knows how much time we spent back in the late 60s and early 70s roaming around this intersection.  Thanks to Kent for keeping us consistently updated.

Photo courtesy of Kent Mathieu

This building behind Starbucks was being erected last year.  It is now enclosed, and we have a few more photos to show the update in this area in October of 2014.
Photo courtesy of Kent Mathieu

All buildings facing Chung Shan behind the barrier have been leveled.  The building in the previous picture can be seen in the distance.  

A covered walkway on the right should give some protection to pedestrians who are going to be walking directly beside the construction.   

Photo courtesy of Kent Mathieu

Taken from the west side of Chung Shan, the area affected by the construction can be clearly shown. 

Photo courtesy of Kent Mathieu

It looks as though the continued presence of Starbucks may be the last point of reference on this corner.  

Notice the Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank directly across the street.  It, of course, was once the Majestic Mansion Hotel. 


  1. A grand documentation of the changes over time - thanks John (just like my hairline, or lack thereof).

  2. Rory,
    Any of us who might have the same hairline as we did as young men have their genes from generations ago to thank.

  3. John,

    This area was my neck of the woods during my first tour (63-64.) I had an apartment just a few blocks east.

    Thanks to you and Kent for keeping the memories alive with your updates. I sincerely appreciate your efforts

    John Q.

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