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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bank Of Taiwan, H Housing, Shantzuhou, Taipei, Taiwan

LTC Scott Ellinger found the old Grass Mountain complex from the satellite photo that Don Wiggins had posted on his USTDC blog on September 15, 2010.

LTC Ellinger then enhanced the photo, posted on USTDC September 17, 2010, and showed the housing areas according to their designated alphabetic letter. All these housing areas were built in the 1950s and early 1960.

For those American families who lived in one of these 3 areas in Yangmingshan, it was known as "BOT" housing since the construction was financed through The Bank of Taiwan.

These neighborhoods could easily be seen 40 years ago, but only one, Section H, was accessible directly from the Grass Mountain site. The back road went directly through this neighborhood on ZhongYong Road.

It came to a halt at the intersection with YangDe Boulevard or GeZhi Road.  I'm not sure what it's called now as the main road changes names rather quickly.

So, here is H-Housing with the aid of Google Earth.

The H-Housing area is circled.

The back road from the Grass Mountain work station went right through the housing area.

At the lower left of this overhead can be seen about 20 H-Housing homes with the gray roofs. The neighborhood is in extremely good shape.

This would be the view entering H-Housing on Jianye Road.

In no particular order are some of the houses passed.

Back when a levy broke at the Taipei American School in 1968 or 1969, the driveways of these houses were full of textbooks, drying in the sun. 

One major feature of this housing area that hasn't changed since 1968 is the housing colors. They were white then and remain white today.

Continuing on down the road a tower is encountered. Who knows its purpose.

Comments on other blogs mentioned bomb shelters on the premises. I wonder if this is one of them.

This is the intersection off ZhongYong Road and JianYe Road. Turning right takes you to the next part of H-Housing.

A guard shack protects the remaining housing shown in these pictures.

Most of the houses on this street have white picket fences.

A nice little cul-de-sac with 3 houses branches off this street.

Back out on ZhongYong Road, we begin the climb up to the Grass Mountain work site.


  1. The green tower in the 9th image is a transformer box of TPC(Taiwan Power Company).

  2. I worked 5 years at GM and never new there was a back road. You were on island a few years before me 73-79. Was that back road open when you were there?