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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Taipei European School, Taipei, Taiwan

At the intersection of ZhongYong Road and JianYe Road, the street to the right shows more of H-Housing and the back road to Grass Mountain. Going straight ahead on JianYe Road leads to the Taipei European School.

The main reason these pictures are shown is that somewhere in this area once was the Grass Mountain movie theater and the grill, run by Smiley, a man everyone knew. A bowling alley consisting of 2 lanes was in the same building as Smiley's.

AFNT was also in this general area.  Our friend Jack and his family lived behind us on Daheng Road. Jack could be heard nightly on AFNT-FM. We both liked hearing Peggy Lee.

Maybe someone remembers approximately where they were located. The theater had fewer than 100 seats. There were so many theaters around Taipei where each movie made a stop. We would go to the Tien Mou theater or Grass Mountain in case we missed the showing at the East Compound theater. 

Turning right keeps you on ZhongYong Road. At the left is JianYe Road. One of the signs is for an insurance agency.
Turning right begins the narrow, winding back road to the Grass Mountain site. Back in 1969, we used it sparingly since it was not only narrow, but also was mostly loose gravel. As best as I can recall, we were forced to use it for a week or so when a mudslide closed the front gate road.
Proceeding straight ahead on JianYe Road, we eventually come to a fork in the road. As Yogi Berra would say, "Take it!"
Turning left at the fork takes us to the Taipei European School and several other buildings.
This busy road is a dead end.
School is out for the day, and the kids await the cars and buses to take them home.
The buses arrive and load up.

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