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Monday, March 21, 2011

Tape Relay Connection

After wondering whether any other alums of the Grass Mountain tape relay would find this blog, one man did find us. 

SGT (at the time) Tom Browning was already there when the16 of us started pushing tape in June of 1968. He was in charge of our shift.

Tom had been in Taiwan before. Once was in 1965. Later, he served in Thailand before coming back to Taipei and Grass Mountain in 1968.

In April of 1969 until March of 1970, he and his family were down-island where Tom was the NCOIC at Kaohsiung's communications center.

Tom and his wife, Sandy, were kind enough to share some pictures of their time in Taiwan. Most of these were taken during island trips.

A shot of SSG Tom Browning in Thailand

The Great Budda in Changhua

The Buddhism Lion Statue, also in Changhua

To see a video of this entire place, click HERE

A Christian Cemetery

A fishing boat near Keelung

Formosa (Taiwan) Strait in the background

A charcoal factory

Bricks were made at this factory

Pagodas near Tsoying (Zuoying)

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