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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Temple On The Corner, Taipei, Taiwan, 1968-69

Not far from the other east signal compound entrance on Min Tsu East Road once stood a small Buddhist Temple. Even though we must have passed it dozens of times, it didn't stand out in my mind.

Running this blog has made one fact very clear. What's important to you about Taipei and Taiwan may be meaningless to another. The converse is also true.

The temple stood at the corner of DeHui Street and LinSen North Road. It was orange and directly east of the old President Hotel.

After pictures of it kept cropping up on other Taiwan blogs and websites, my interest was stirred. So, here are some pictures of it then, and how that corner looks now.
Photo by C Jenkins; courtesy of

This is an excellent photo of the old temple. It stood at the corner of DeHui Street and LinSen North Road.
Photo by Misty; courtesy of, 01/22/2010

A closeup of the old temple
Photo by Jim Valkwitch; courtesy of

A front view of the temple.
Photo from

This is an excellent view looking down at the old temple beside the President Hotel.

This is a picture of the new temple on the corner. It was and still is called the Ching-Fu Temple. To see it in Mandarin context, click HERE 

Victor W. Cheng is my unimpeachable source for this info. The President Hotel was also leveled and now a large office building stands at that same address on DeHui Street.

Photo by John Quinn; courtesy of 01/22/2010

A front view of the temple

Just a small angle shot of the temple

A beautiful photo at night

In red is the intersection of DeHui Street and LinSen North Road. The business building surrounded in blue is the old President Hotel.

The temple shows up well here.

Finally, a closeup of the Ching-Fu Temple

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