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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baoan Temple, Taipei (Continued)

For as little contact as we actually had with the Taoist Temple, here is yet more of it as shown from south to north.

A picture from our time there is shown as well as its update. Maybe you'll see how many resources were used to make it tourist-friendly.
Driving by on KuLun Street, you can see the very front of the Baoan Temple garden wall.
Walking north on DaLong Street, an entrance to the temple garden can be seen on the left. This is actually the right wall of the temple garden.

On the right side of this street is the west wall of the Confucian garden.
And here we are in 1969 at the side entrance of the Baoan Temple garden. Notice the white walls and the closed gates.
And here is the same gated entrance, but updated. Yes, it is the same entrance as the previous picture, but doesn't it look more inviting?
Closer to the garden entrance
Further north along the east wall of the garden on DaLong Street is this building.
Someone other than me could tell you just what this building is and how old it is. To me, it looks younger than the main Baoan Temple.


Chinese religions and spiritual beliefs emphasize peace, harmony and balance in one's life. This symbol is not unique to Taoism. Try drawing this freehand. 


  1. The building in the last two images is 紫微閣(Tzi-Wei House). It was built in 1977 and serves as an activity hall for the Baoan Temple. Speeches, operas, concerts, press conferences, etc., are held at this building.