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Monday, February 21, 2011

Baoan Taoist Temple Taipei, Taiwan

Next door to the left (west) of the Confucian Temple is the Baoan Taoist Temple. The first picture, after Google Earth photo, was taken in 1969.

Back then, The Confucian Temple was  beautiful, well-maintained and visitor friendly. The Baoan Temple wasn't quite ready for prime time.

It looked rundown and dirty.  Older men sat near its entrance and they weren't smiling.

We never made it inside the enclosure. Instead, we visited the garden area south of the temple.

It's too bad we didn't go inside the temple as it is quite ornate and detailed. For a general explanation of the temple and Chinese philosophies, click HERE.


Along HaMi Streeet and DaLong Street is the Baoan Taoist Temple. 

Again, taken in 1969, the Taoist Temple was quite different than it appears today.

Here is the temple from approximately the same angle as the previous picture, just a mere 40+ years later. 

Notice the knee wall has been removed. Flood lights are across from this view. At night, both temples are bathed in light. DaLong Street is shown at the far right.
Here is a description of the temple as indicated by our Taiwan booklet.
Here is part of what we missed in 1969 by not entering the temple. It is also surrounded on four sides by walls..

Quite a beautiful interior
This is the inside of the front wall looking south.
Directly across the street is this continuation of the temple. It has a gate and leads to the temple's garden area.

To keep you more confused, this photo was taken inside the fenced-in area. Right across HaMi Street is the front of the Baoan Temple. For more intricate views of the temple, click HERE.

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