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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Airlines In Taiwan (Updated)

This isn't meant to be a comprehensive list. Its purpose is merely to show how Taiwan has changed over the decades regarding air traffic. Some of these carriers may even be defunct.

A new international airport  has been built. Taipei's SongShan Airport is still operating. Some others  have expanded and modernized.

All are in the process of carrying passengers and freight to, from, and within Taiwan.

The planes have changed and some are quite new. Boing and Airbus dominate.

The major change, of course, was the opening of Taoyuan International Airport in 1979. Originally named after Chiang Kai-shek, its present name was instituted in 2006.

With two terminals and a third on the way, TPE relieved the load on the downtown SongShan Airport. TSA still operates and is the preferred destination for many businessmen.

China Airlines now has its hub at Taoyuan International. The tail design has changed.

Founded in 1989, E V A Airways is privately owned and has its hub at Taoyuan International.

It's the second largest Taiwanese airline behind China Airlines.

Uni Air is a subsidiary of E V A Airways. It operates from Kaohsiung.

TransAsia Airways is relative small and has its hub at Taipei SongShan Airport. It is a Taiwanese airline.

Far Eastern Air Transport has recently emerged from bankruptcy.

Its headquarters is at Taipei SongShan Airport with its fleet of ten planes.

This airline may be defunct as Mandarin Airlines has taken over its routes.

Owned by China Airlines, Mandarin Airlines flies from Taipei SongShan and Taichung Airports.

It flies mostly domestic flights, but shares the Taichung airport with CCK, the famous Taiwanese military airport. 

Those of us around during the Vietnam War recognize CCK as one of the major recipients of messages from the Grass Mountain tape relay.

Still a major carrier in Southeast Asia, Japan Airlines might be departing Kaohsiung International in this shot.

The huge Cathay Pacific Airlines is still based in Hong Kong.

Dragonair is a subsidiary of Cathay Pacific.
Doesn't it have the coolest paint job?

 A unit of Delta Airlines since 2008, Northwest Airlines still flies to Taiwan.

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