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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Taiwan High Speed Rail

Each time a post is compiled, my mind asks itself if the guys with whom I served would want to see this stuff if they accidentally found this blog.

Of course the answer is yes since you otherwise wouldn't be reading this. Put another way, what about Taiwan today just might be interesting to a group of semi-old men?

I'd want to know all about where we worked, lived and hung out and how it was and how it changed.

That's why this posting is about the high speed rail system. Couple it with Taipei's MRT, and here is a country far ahead of most others in its view of the future.

Thanks to billions of dollars and Japanese technology, over 200 miles of track accomodates trains going over 180 mph. To see it in action, click HERE.

Here's the THSR logo

Running officially since the beginning of 2007, the THSR has some beautiful stations along its entire route.

This was a test run in 2006. Much of the system is elevated. Each train has 12 cars.

Loading and unloading is convenient.

This may be the Taoyuan Station.

The inside of a passenger car

Is this the Tainan Station?

Looking at the Tainan Station grounds

Maintenance is always nearby.

It won't just be a lube, oil and a filter!

Back and running again

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