This blog was created for USASTRATCOM Long Lines Battalion Army personnel who served in Taiwan during the 1965-72 time frame. Specifically, those who lived and worked in and around Taipei are the target. If you worked at the Grass Mountain or Gold Mountain facilities or anywhere in downtown Taipei, we would like to hear from you. All are welcome to visit and contribute to this blog. Your comments and pictures are encouraged.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday To Us!

One August 3rd, 2010, this blog made its first posting.

After sending some pictures to another blog for several months previously, I got this idea that the Army needed Taipei area representation.

So, the lightbulb flickered on. With the encouragement, expertise, and advice from Kent Mathieu and Don Wiggins, TSA began scanning and writing.

That we made it through the first year is heartening. That so few Stratcom Army personnel have contributed is disappointing.

However, since we're still the new guy on the block, the hope is that as time passes, it will bring contributions from USASTRATCOM and any others who are interested and so inclined.


  1. Happy Birthday,

    Dawg Flight
    Shulinkou Air Station

  2. Happy birthday, man.

    Don Wiggins
    USTDC Blogster