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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Snake Alley, Taipei, Taiwan

You won't find this place on any of the other Taipei military blogs or websites. It wasn't around as a tourist destination back in the 1960s or 1970s.

Instead, this area was a loose collection of houses of ill repute for Taipei working men. There were quite a number of these throughout Taipei. Outside each one literally was a red light.

This one was just north of the famous Longshan (Lungshan) Temple. Today it has become a huge tourist attraction since prostitution is officially illegal.

Turning it into a tourist attraction took some creative thinking and construction. See the temple, market and surrounding area by clicking HERE.

It is called the Taipei HuaXi Tourist Night Market. It is almost two blocks long and it is fully covered. Some of these videos can probably be called bizarre, as some of the goods and services offered are quite strange. Just click HERE.

Here's why it is called Snake Alley. Snakes skinned!

The location of the southern entrance is just a little north and west of Longshan Temple. The red line shows the length of the market.

The southern entrance

These pictures were all taken during the day. Still, the enclosed roof can be clearly seen as well as the red lanterns.

Before night falls, traffic flows along this street as though it were like any other.

Here we are about and the end of the first block. The opening toward the second block can be easily seen.

The block 2 entrance

The market begins to open. The translator does a nice job on this one! 

We are nearing the end of block 2 here.

The market ends abruptly and the next intersection looms ahead.

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