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Friday, March 23, 2012

Bits And Pieces, Odds And Ends

Some of the pages in my Taipei booklet don't fit any category.  So, shown below will be some miscellaneous pages from the orange guide. 

Pictures from other sources will also be shown.

This little booklet has come in handy many times.

Seeing the two pages above on the embassies might bring back pictures of broken glass embedded in cement at the top of the compounds' walls.
Just beyond the railroad tracks, the Nanking (Nanjing) West Road's circle of restaurants was a great attraction. Eating there was another story.

Photo courtesy of

Here's an updated picture of the circle restaurants. It's been replaced by a modern edifice. Think of all of the odors this area once produced.

The zoo was practically across from USTDC.

The China House is long gone, but look at the spire in the area back of the building.

The Toy House museum still stands and is a big tourist destination. It obviously was there in 1969, but nobody I knew ever mentioned it. Then again, I probably wasn't listening.

The Republic of China made a rock and roll band abide by a dress code! Fortunately a few inches of hair was no stumbling block to greatness. They proceeded into oblivion.

Now appearing---Dynamic Five!

It was this First Theater referred to in the article.

Photo courtesy of Gary Roske

The focus of this picture for me is the red phone booth. There was one near the entrance to the East Compound and it cost $1 NT to ring up Taipei Military in the downtown Sugar Building.

Article from Pacific Stars and Stripes, 1969

My friend pointed out to me these signs on the floor of a movie theater lobby indicating that no spitting was allowed. 

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