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Monday, April 23, 2012

The China Post Classified Ads, September 1, 1969

Before we left Taiwan after 15 months of active service, we had to wait a little longer because of engine problems on our Northwest jet at Taipei International.  Many of us went back to the Club 63 for dinner as repairs took a few hours.

That must have given me time to buy this issue of The China Post. We didn't have a subscription to this newspaper so it was definitely bought in Taipei on September 1, 1969..

The only reason this is even being brought up is that 10 hours and one International Date Line later we were in Fort Lewis, WA awaiting our orders for the next 4 years of our obligation.

I recently looked at my DD-214 and it was dated September 1, 1969.  That Date Line gave us another day, of course. Our reaction when we landed in Tokyo15 months earlier was along the lines of what was the date and local time.

Four years later, September 1 would become a pivotal day in my life.

Here's hoping some of the ads might awaken a few memories and a few smiles.

Did any of you read his dissertation?

Really fresh ham sandwiches

Note to Wu Chou: Competition drives down prices.

Corfam shoes and Banlon shirts--my wardrobe


  1. Perhaps only two are still in business today? Cave's Books is still at the same location, No. 54-3, Section 3, Zhōngshān North Rd, Jhongshan District, Taipei. Chin Shan Book and Stationery has moved to a new place, No. 12 Lane 49, Section 4, Zhōngxiào East Road, Daan District, Taipei.

  2. Thanks as usual, Victor. Don't forget the Florida Bakery as well. Same location now as then. John