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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some Of Us Read The Obituaries

We all have our hobbies and particular interests. One of mine happens to be reading some obituaries.It started as a daily event when we moved down here.

The counties along the west coast of Florida are packed with service veterans and their families. Almost daily there was an obit about a former member of the Armed Services.

Then, the word spread that of the WWII vets, some 1,000 were dying daily around the world. This increased the number of obituaries in our local newspaper.

They were from all branches, and names like Battle of the Bulge, Bataan Death March, and Iwo Jima would pop up frequently.

Below is a recent obituary of a WWII veteran. These are becoming less and less frequent as these groups of veterans are now near or in their nineties.

Obituaries, like funerals are for the living. Generally it's the living relatives of a veteran who writes the entry. Some are puffed up to exaggerate the person's life.

With that being said, the family of this man loved and respected him. The Taiwan connection is what got it on this blog.

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