This blog was created for USASTRATCOM Long Lines Battalion Army personnel who served in Taiwan during the 1965-72 time frame. Specifically, those who lived and worked in and around Taipei are the target. If you worked at the Grass Mountain or Gold Mountain facilities or anywhere in downtown Taipei, we would like to hear from you. All are welcome to visit and contribute to this blog. Your comments and pictures are encouraged.

Monday, May 20, 2013

1965 Taipei Phone Book Section 1

These 2 sections of the 1965 Taipei Telephone Directory are being posted separately. Army Lieutenant Colonel Scott Ellinger found it for sale on E-Bay and scanned all 34 pages and sent them to this blog.

LTC Ellinger has been a contributor to this blog since its inception. He will be retiring shortly and we would like to acknowledge him for all of his time and effort on behalf of TSA. Without him, it's safe to say, the longevity of this blog would have been much shorter.

He personally found where we worked on Grass Mountain as well as discovering our old apartment as it appears today. One of his PowerPoint pages will be shown when we move outside Taipei City proper.

This 1965 phone book indicates that there were many more American Servicepeople and their families living in Taiwan than many of us thought. Of particular interest should be the number of families living in Tien Mou, PeiTou, Shihliin and Shantzohou (Grass Mountain).

1965 was the year in which President Johnson began the massive call up of troops for the Vietnam War.  For thousands of young men who were US citizens and at least 18 years old, a letter from your local Selective Service Draft Board might soon be in your mailbox inviting you to join the Armed Forces. "Greeting"

Being a sophomore in college that year, I'd used up 4 Student Deferments (2-S). Graduation was 1967, and being over 2 yeas away, many young guys my age were certain the war would be over.

Of course, it wasn't and that's how many of us became guests of the ROC for 15 months. The future phone books were much larger.

*Note: If any of you would like 3 razor-sharp pdf files of LTC Ellinger's phone book, just send me an e-mail. and I'll send you three.

If any of you know of the locations or points of interest of areas we don't cover in this posting and the next, please let us know.

CAT Airlines was always gracious enough to advertise in many publications.

The page number of Taipei as well as the suburbs are shown on this page

Overseas connections

Overseas connections continued . .

The next 15 telephone book pages are devoted to the intricacies of Taipei and its many sections and subsections as well as residential numbers.

The remainder of Taipei and its suburbs is continued on the next post.


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