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Sunday, June 23, 2013

One Less Comet In Orbit

Based on the fact that everybody has to be somewhere, a man named Marshall Lytle died recently in the county directly south of us. That, in itself, means nothing to almost everyone living in the Peoples Republic of China (PRC).

However, during our lifetimes, some of us are part of an event that plugs us into a niche in world history, no matter how small of a part we played. Marshall was part of a group that made history, and lived to know it.

Marshall is shown in this stock photo at the far left, wearing glasses.

He was a stand-up bass player who was a member of a group that recorded "THE NATIONAL ANTHEM OF ROCK AND ROLL"------yes, that song is Rock Around The Clock.

Sitting in front is Bill Haley and the band was known as Bill Haley and His Comets.

Although recorded in 1954, the song became a number 1 hit in 1955 as it appeared in the movie The Blackboard Jungle.

It seems as though Bill was not very generous when it came to sharing the wealth with the band. The members stayed together for awhile, but the association with Bill was coming to an end.

Because of the little loop or spit curl of hair on the front of his head, many music insiders referred to him as "Bill Haley And His Comma."

The group's first big hit, recorded in 1954, was Shake, Rattle and Roll.

Marshall grew a mustache in an attempt to make himself look more distinguished.

Before Marshall and a few members left "The Comets" they recorded one huge hit in 1956 which is still part of our lexicon today. The song was See Ya Later Alligator. 

Somewhere along the line, Marshal was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. It's an Internet creation whose members were those who crossed over into rock music from their country music roots.

This was a decently popular record in the USA, but this Guy Mitchell song acknowledges the existence of that form of music...Rock A Billy

For us few fans of Guy Mitchell, how about this?

A few of the men who were former "Comets" reunited in the late 1980s and began touring for approximately 20 years.

Marshall Lytle is sitting second from the left in this 2005 photo.

Mr. Lytle must certainly have had assistance writing this book, but it was August of 2009.

Most reviews are positive including one by Hedley Lamarr!

It can be bought on Amazon for as little as $8.50 for a used paperback.

Three marriages, and 3 divorces--A well-balanced life.

Tampa Bay Times May 29, 2013

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